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We strive to bring change in the health and wellness domain through the use of self-service devices, system integration and machine learning. HELO HEALTH delivers superior and innovative services through stunning product designs, and a comprehensive feature set. We aim to be the brand of choice in Health ATMs across the world.

The Company, ADARSA Private Limited, is founded by industry veterans. Our raison d’être is to make sure you stay healthy, whether at home or at your workplace. We have an array of health solutions in the pipeline, both in personal and workplace wellness. Stay tuned for exciting products and services in the days to come.


Provide comprehensive solutions using cutting edge design, self-service automation, machine learning technology to improve access and deliver services through innovative business models.


We innovate to make a difference in health care and wellness. We hope to empower businesses and organizations to achieve a sense of wellness, safety and wellbeing.


We uphold strong principles, ethical business practises and create an environment where our team thrives and delivers the best experience to the user. Our core values include integrity, innovation, user centric design, reliability, and efficiency.
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HeloHealth Bhatiya Sir

Sandeep Bhatia

Sandeep has vast experience in the corporate world with last stint as COO of a leading self-service kiosk company in India. Led innovations and process transformations in segments like banking, railways and telecom, migrating billions of transactions to kiosks and SaaS platforms. The experience of growing a company from scratch to market leadership, sowed the seeds to create a health devices’ company during the lockdown.

Sandeep, a firm believes in ethics, started in sales, product and marketing management, worked his way up the corporate ladder to the very top, acquired general management and CXO skills during a career of more than a quarter century.

As the Founder CEO and Managing Director, Sandeep aims to make the company ready, willing, and prepared to deliver great experiences to stakeholders, employees, vendors and customers.

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Many thanks for your interest in Helo Health. I setup this company with a desire to contribute back to society by making a difference in the health care space. I am using my experience to put together a team that delivers innovation and design led transformational change in the health and wellness domain.

Amit Kumar

Board Advisor
A venture capital investment professional, CFO and business scalability expert focusing on Start-ups and SMBs, Amit has advised senior leaderships across MNCs and small businesses, with expertise in the areas of Business Strategy, Risk Management, Audit, Systems and Processes and Fund-raising.

In the capacity of Board Advisor and Mentor, Amit helps entrepreneurs incubate their ideas into businesses, formulating go-to-market strategies, launching products, and ensuring they work on sustainable business models. His expertise is hired by businesses that want to scale up, manage risk, reduce cost, and grow more than industry benchmark.

Amit has associated with Helo Health, consumed by a desire to help create an indigenous health devices’ MNC of scale in the next few years.

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HeloHealth Investors

We are a great investment bet since we are solving contemporary problems of health and wellness and tapping into large opportunities in areas of health screening and accessibility to health care using innovative technology.

In case you are interested in investing in Helo Health, please share your contact details here. We will call you back.

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We are a young team with an average age of in their twenties. We are the destination for youth to work, experience and prosper.
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