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The pandemic continues to rage worldwide. Vaccines are being developed at a furious pace and we are all hoping for respite. The economies are reeling worldwide and it is anybody’s guess how long this virus will continue to haunt us. As far as businesses are concerned, work as we know it, may never be the same again. This brings up the greatest challenge to every sector of work – how do we get back on our feet and move forward with our business despite the health hazard?

While most of the IT and other allied companies have been able to keep their operations alive and function from home and using digital means, many such as factories, schools and colleges, theatre, malls are struggling to cope with the situation between lockdown and unlock. How long can we let this go on? How can we, as leaders, employers, entrepreneurs, and business professionals, ensure that we combat the current situation using our wits and technology?

Like Roger Crawford once said, “Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.” We as a human race always fight back against the adversities we face. Pandemic is just a call for leaders who can take initiatives and lead change for enabling the return to a safe and healthy workplace – guided by purpose, optimism, and clarity.  Here are a few of the things that can be done by employers:

Understanding employees:
No, really! Empathy is what is most required in times like these. Being empathetic to people who work with you can improve productivity and teamwork, reduce stress, and increase respect for the leadership. It is essential to understand that presently, most people are filled with fear, dread and anxiety about the risk posed by the virus on their health and the implication on their earnings and job security. How can workplace safety and security be ensured? How can onsite work be managed in a sanitary, healthy way? (Read our article about workplace wellness health tips). Essentially, what would the employees need to be safe and feel so in the current context? We can go about this by re-evaluating certain aspects of our business model. 

Adapting and investing in cutting edge solutions:
We live in the era of design led and technological innovations. (Read more about AHAY’s design driven approach) The younger generation is increasingly dependent on technology in their day to day lives whereas, the older generations are developing a distaste for certain aspects of tech in everyday life after witnessing the negative effects on the youth. At the workplace, there is also the constant fear of what if technology takes over our jobs? (Click here to watch our founder, Sandeep Bhatia views on this topic) Rest assured, technology is an enabler and accelerator more than anything else. It is a way to make our lives easy. How creatively and efficiently we use it to help with our daily lives depends on the right choices and how well we adopt and adapt to technology.

How can adapting to newer technologies help us get back to business? Since we are developing a newer normal in workspaces, investing in products such as Health ATMs will support long term health solutions, yield maximum returns on investment and ensure that health concerns of the employees can be mitigated. Moreover, you can take initiatives to ensure mental wellness of employees.

Look at the future:
This is of course a commonly used technique by business professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs, to help make investment decisions. A matrix that consists of a correlation between impact on earnings before interest and taxes versus time taken to create impact. The key is to invest in solutions for the today that would still be relevant after the crisis has passed. This will mean the golden balance of immediate returns, long terms benefits and protection of investment. 

How can AHAY help you?
We understand that these are testing and unprecedented times for all of us in the world. Most of us are experiencing a pandemic of this size for the first time in our lives. This is the perfect opportunity for all of us to overcome these challenges, take initiatives and make our return to workplaces as healthy and sanitary as possible.

AHAY was formed during the lockdown and has right away focused on health solutions that can help businesses resume in the new normal. AHAY has innovated with Indian components and a design led approach to build the HELO from scratch as a super-set of health care and wellness functionalities. The HELO acts as an effective screen to ensure employees pass through after a check of their key health parameters and sanitizing themselves and their belongings. The contactless and intrusion free, face based attendance system is futuristic and apt in today’s times. Implementing the automated HELO ensures your workplace has only healthy employees, you are compliant with reporting requirements, your investment is protected, and you reap long terms benefits of health and productivity.    

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