User can complete a transaction in 20-30 seconds under normal conditions. This means 100 users can use the HELO in a 30 min. time window. The quantity of HELOs to be purchased is:  

Value rounded off to next number. 

Buy the HELO for its comprehensive set of features and add glamour to your reception because of its stunning looks. If you are cost conscious, buy the HELO-S (Slim). It is functional design with all the features intact, same as HELO and is priced well for you to afford. 


If you want a compact health ATM, buy the HELO-M (Mini). It has everything except sanitization for hands or bags but is incredibly compact with a 7” display and very well priced. 

Buy multiples of the HELO-T, for installing inside the premises, one for each work area.

In case of a negative result, the user will be instructed to contact authorities, or the department or specific person as mentioned by you at the time of installation. We will display this information on screen.

The HELO-T, the most compact health ATM has 3 beeps and 3 display colours based on temperature reading. In the HELO/HELO-S & HELO-M. we display the details of the person or department to be contacted and advise the user to contact a doctor for medical help.

We have multiple colour options, as well as the 4 variants. In case you desire any customisation, please call/email/WhatsApp us.

The HELO is much more than a contact – less attendance system. It screens health parameters, does visitor management, and sanitises hands, bags & belongings. In case you wish to migrate to the facial recognition-based attendance system on the HELO, we can help integrate the data with your existing database.

In case you have an older biometric system or Registers, you can opt for the HELO’s contactless attendance capture system. We will integrate with the HR management system or ERP as per your requirements.

Whenever a user is not recognised by the HELO, they are prompted to scan the QR code and fill in visitor details. The picture of the user and these details are available in a report that can be accessed by administrative users.

The wall mounted, compact HELO-T and M are preconfigured, we provide remote installation and configuration support. For the HELO & HELO-S, when machine is delivered, please get the site identified and ready for installation, i.e., power point and LAN point ready and inform us on service@helohealth.in along with the name and mobile number of persons with whom we can coordinate. We will get machine installed in 24-48 hours.

We recommend placing HELO indoors in the reception or a covered area, ideally air-conditioned.

The total time taken for sanitisation of bags is 30 secs and hand sanitisation another few secs. The total time to complete one full transaction is 30-45 secs. All timings are under standard condition and use.

Please have a look at:  NEWS

No, the height of the person would not affect the use of the product. We have provided a virtual window on the screen to act as a guide so that tall or short men/women can point their face within the window and get their pictures clicked for recognition. We simultaneously check the temperature while face is being captured.

The camera position and angle are fixed. We have provided a virtual window on the screen to act as a guide so that tall or short men/women can point their face within the window and get their pictures clicked for recognition.

The HELO is not an entrance management system. Depending on the time window available, you can decide the number of HELOs. Please refer response to Q1.

The sanitiser container has a capacity of 1.80 Litres. 1-2ml of sanitiser is dispensed on every use. The refill will depend on usage pattern.

In case you have a specific requirement, please write to us at sales@autwn.com. We will revert with a customised product. 

The HELO is an indoor use product. In the spirit of wellness, please ensure that adequate social distancing is maintained around the HELO by employees/ visitors/ users. Please regulate and ensure 6 ft. between the user and the next in queue.

HELO is not an entrance management system. Please decide the number of HELOs depending on the time window available for entry, the feasibility to route users through one single entrance etc.

HELO / HELO-S is a comprehensive health screening solution since it checks two parameters (temperature & SPO2) which give a more accurate measurement of the users’ health rather than only the temperature*


* The guards mostly do a perfunctory test and could even miss an adverse reading, the HELO not only displays readings that are out of range, but also creates a log for reporting. Can be masked by having a paracetamol sometime before entering the office.  


The HELO/HELO-S does much more than temperature scanning. This ensures that the user is health screened and disinfected, you can have a safe workplace.


The HELO-T is an infrared thermometer and access control system. You don’t need a specific person and the associated running cost to screen temperatures.