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We at Helo Health are passionate about diagnostics and continually striving to deliver the most innovative solutions and services. We are transforming the timelines and costs of testing vitals, blood, urine, infectious diseases, markers, and specialized parameters. Explore our offerings to amaze yourself, it’s a whiff of fresh air in this space, like never before, instant, accurate and economical diagnostics !!

Why HeloHealth?

Servicing Rural Population

Extending vital services to remote areas, bridging healthcare gaps for rural communities.

Rural Employment

Empowering rural areas by creating jobs through micro-entrepreneurship.

Ease Of Access

Ensuring quality healthcare reaches everyone, overcoming barriers of access and cost.

Simplifying Technology

Making technology accessible to all, simplifying complexities for seamless usability.

Who We Are

Professional Team Out To Transform Rural Diagnostics

Management with cumulative experience of more than 50 years in setting up, managing & scaling up devices, product & service innovations’ led businesses. Have come together to make a difference!!

Awards & Credentials

Your Health, Your Call

Secure your good health. Call Now Rule out multiple infectious diseases in just 15 mins !! What’s more? Home service charge ₹1 only