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As we get back to work, the Helo Health ATM solution helps assess employees on multiple health parameters before they enter the workplace, captures key data for tracking and reporting as well as helps comply with governments’ directives. This ‘just-in-time solution’ helps you achieve this, cost-effectively and ensures you are quickly back in business!

We are focused on making your back to business journey easy, effective and smooth with an array of solutions and options. The product range starts from Rs. 12,999 for the thermal scanning wall mounted, compact THERM and goes up to Rs. 1,44,999 for the fully loaded MAX.

The HELO APP can be accessed through computer or phone and becomes your virtual companion. If you are a manager or owner, you can track health of your employees, generate reports for compliance or attendance, register visitors and keep a log of their entry as well as their health data. The HELO APP is available as a SaaS subscription through flexible plans starting from as low as Rs. 16 per employee per month. You can choose from one-time, quarterly / biannual / annual plans and pay only for actual no. of employees.

Industries we serve

The Helo with its stunning design and comprehensive features can fit into all work and public places and add value in health, access and sanitization.


We identify pressing areas to work upon, study the existing workflows and their associations with people. The methodical research helps understand the loopholes and improvement areas in existing processes. The consolidated inputs from this research form the basis of our human-centred design.

We prioritise user experience above all.

We create workflows that consider user requirements, functionality and ergonomics. Each step of the iterated workflow is thoroughly analysed and detailed. A concise framework of functionality and aesthetics is laid down. We have with us key attributes & a core system layout to build upon.

Ice breaking concepts and impactful changes are integrated. An optimum solution based on ergonomics, serviceability and manufacturability is chosen. We look for the sweet spot between innovation and feasibility. The system of products that we design offer customisation from the customers end. Each product is detailed with the help of 3D models and visualisation software.

Products are validated, and user tested at each step of its workflow. The workability and precision of prototype/s is corrected to reach zero error position since we aim to provide the highest quality products, services and experience and delivery is focused on tailor-made solutions meeting customer requirements.